SEMINARS Thursday July 27, 2017

Fedora 2               1:00 PM                 "Stash Management" by Bill Dedig.
                                                              Using a dedicated modeling program to manage
                                                              modeling supplies and projects

                                2:00 PM                 Scratchbuilding Tips and Tools by Dave Straub


Wingtip                  11:00 AM               What Judges Look For by Mark Persichetti

                                2:00 PM                 Buying, Preparing and Working with Resin kits by Ro


Room 3                  9:00 AM                "Build and Bull" (room open for modelers to slap some
                                                              plastic together)

                                10:00 AM              "Build and Bull"

                                12:00 PM               Badger Airbrush                               

                                1:00 PM                 Badger Airbrush


3:00 PM Thursday July 27
Zoukei Mura Special RAFFLE EVENT
in the Embassy Suites Reception Area


Friday July 28, 2017

Wingtip                  10:00 AM               F-105 Thunderchief by Fred Hall

                                11:00 AM               The VNAF (and other aircraft in South Vietnam) by Jim Mesko

                                12:00 PM               IPMS Region 5 Meet and Greet

                                2:00 PM                 Large Scale Planes by Mike Rechlicz

                                3:00 PM                 Armor Modeling with Oil Paints by John Bonan


Fedora 2               10:00 AM                 Building the Honda RA-300 by Robert N. Steinbrunn

                               12:00 PM               Rob Schorry- Modeling Real Space

                                1:00 PM                 Jay Chladek- Space Stations History Presentation

                                2:00 PM                 Prospective IPMS Judges Meeting


Room 3                 10:00 AM              Airbrushing 101, Tom Grossman and TAG Team
                                                            Hobbies (10:00 to 12:00 PM)

                                1:00 PM               Airbrush 101, Tom Grossman and TAG Team
                                                            Hobbies (1:00 to 3:00 PM)


Saturday July 29, 2017

Wingtip                  10:00 AM               IPMS USA Business Meeting

                                10:00 AM               IPMS 2018 Phoenix meeting (closed to the public) by
                                                              Michael Oberholtzer

                                11:00 AM               IPMS USA Regional Coordinator Meeting

                                1:00 PM                 Annual NCC Business Meeting

                                2:00 PM                 IPMS 2019 Chattanooga meeting (closed to the public)
                                                               by M. Oberholtzer


Fedora 2               9:00 AM                 The State of the Hobby, Panel discussion by hobby
                                                             industry insiders

                                12:00 PM               Unknown Army and Navy Color Schemes from 1917 to
                                                              1947 by Dana Bell

                                2:00 PM                 Braille Armor Meeting by Al Magnus (2 PM to 4 PM)


Room 3                  11:00 AM               Airbrush Cleaning and Maintenance by Tom Grossman
                                                             and TAG Team Hobbies

                                1:00 PM                 Badger Airbrush

                                3:00 PM                 Room Closes