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010. 1/144 and 1/72 (pre-teen) IPMS/West Central Missouri
011. 1/144 and 1/72 (teen) Mike Schine
015. 1/48 and 1/32 (pre-teen)     IPMS Wright Field Scale Modelers
016. 1/48 and 1/32 (teen) IPMS Las Vegas Nevada 
Military Vehicles  
020. All entries (pre-teen) Granite State Modelers
021. All entries (teen) IPMS Livonia, Michigan
030. All entries (pre-teen) IPMS Centennial
032. All entries (teen) IPMS Salem Oregon
040. All entries (pre-teen) IPMS Spruce Goose
042. All entries (teen) IPMS Northern Virginia Modelers
050. All entries (pre-teen) Mid-Michigan Model Makers
051. All entries (teen) High Plains Modelers, Denver, CO
070. All entries (pre-teen) High Plains Modelers, Denver, CO
071. All entries (teen) IPMS Phoenix - The Craig Hewitt Chapter
080. All entries (pre-teen) IPMS Phoenix - The Craig Hewitt Chapter
081. All entries (teen)  
Biplanes (and others that are predominantly fabric, struts, and rigging) 
100. 1/144 and 1/72                                 IPMS Tidewater
103A. 1/48                        IPMS Northern Virginia Modelers
103B. 1/32 IPMS Great Plains
Small Aircraft, Single Engine, Prop and Turboprop, or glider 
105A. 1/72 (not exceeding 8.5" length or wingspan)  IPMS Will-Cook 
105B. 1/72 R.I. Bong Chapter IPMS USA
105C. 1/72   IPMS Antelope Valley Group
105D. 1/72  Obscureco Aircraft
106. 1/72 Out-of-the-Box Mike Brickman
107A. 1/48 (not exceeding 13.9" length or wingspan) IPMS Memphis
107B. 1/48 IPMS First Coast of Jacksonville, FL 
107C. 1/48  IPMS Mid-Carolina
107D. 1/48  IPMS Northeast New York (IPMS/NENY)
107E. 1/48  
108    1/48 Out-of-the-Box IPMS Plastic Surgeons
Medium Aircraft - Multi Engine,  Prop or Turboprop, or Glider 
111. 1/72 (not exceeding 11" length or wingspan) Ron Bell
113A. 1/48 (not exceeding 17" length or wingspan) #1             Robert Wolf Denver Chapter of IPMS
113B. 1/48 (not exceeding 17" length or wingspan) #1             Tracy Ackeret
Large Aircraft - Multi-engine, Prop or Turboprop, or Glider 
115. 1/72 (exceeding 11" length or wingspan)            IPMS Vagabonds
117. 1/48 (exceeding 17" length or wingspan) IPMS/Knoxville Scale Modelers Association (KSMA)
Small Jet   
121A. 1/72 (not exceeding 8.5" length or wingspan) Alexander Lippisch Chapter IPMS
121B. 1/72 Chuck Holte
122.   1/72 Out-of-the-Box IPMS Roanoke Valley
125A. 1/48 (not exceeding 13.9" length or wingspan) Skyhawk Association
125B. 1/48  Ft. Crook Contest Committee
126.   1/48 Out-of-the-Box IPMS Italy
Large Jet   
129A. 1/72 (exceeding 8.5" length or wingspan) IPMS/Twin City Aero Historians
129B. 1/72  
130.    1/72 Out-of-the-Box  
131A. 1/48 (exceeding 13.9" length or wingspan)  Alan Milsap
131B. 1/48  
132.   1/48 Out-of-the-Box IPMS New Jersey/ Big Ed
Military Aircraft 1/32   
135. Propeller driven Phantom Hobbies
137. Jet            Chisholm Trail Scale Modelers
138. Out-of-the-Box IPMS-DC
Military Aircraft 1/144   
141. Small (not exceeding 4.25" in length or wingspan)Prop Bay Colony Historical Modelers Assoc.
143. Large (exceeding 4.25" in length or wingspan) Michael Rechlicz
144. Out-of-the-Box  
Rotary Wing (civil or military)   
151. 1/144 and 1/72 IPMS/Fresno Scale Modelers 
153. 1/48 and 1/32 Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society, in Huntsville, AL
154. Out-of-the-Box  
Civil, Sport, Racing, and Air Taxis  
157. 1/144 and 1/72 IPMS/Western Reserve Chapter
161. 1/48 and 1/32  IPMS Charlotte Scale Modelers
162. Out-of-the-Box IPMS Eddie Rickenbacker in Memory of Keith Davidson
Airliners & Airships   
163A. 1/144 Dayton Area Plastic Modelers
163B. IPMS Marietta Scale Modelers
165. 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32  
166. Out-of-the-Box  
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (civil or military)  
167. All Entries IPMS Alamo Squadron
Other Out-of-the-Box Aircraft  
168. All Entries  
In Flight (non-diorama, gear-up, in-flight displays
175. All Scales IPMS Chicago Sprue Stretchers
Vacuum-Formed (civil or military)   
181A. All Entries Silicon Valley Scale Modelers
181B. All Entries  
Conversions (civil or military)   
183A. All Entries 2017 Contest Committee
183B. All Entries  
Scratch-built (civil or military)   
185. All Entries IPMS/Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
1/35 refers to scales 1/35 and larger
1/48 refers to scales 1/69 to 1/36
1/72 refers to scales 1/100 to 1/60
1/35 Military Vehicles (including tanks, assault guns and self-propelled guns)
200A. Closed Top AFVs, through Korea - Axis light and Medium IPMS PANZER GNOMES
200B. Closed Top AFVs, through Korea, Axis Heavy Southern Main Scale Modelers
200C. Closed Top AFVs, through Korea, Allied Jim Greer in memoriam
200D. Closed Top AFVs, through Korea, Other IPMS Zia Scale Modelers
201A. Closed Top AFVs, Post-Korea, NATO                            IPMS/Richmond
201B. Closed Top AFVs, Post-Korea, Warsaw Pact, Russian                            Edward Bjes
201C. Closed Top AFVs, Post-Korea, Other                          Mark Altizer
206A. Open Top AFVs or AFVs with interiors, Axis The Dark Side
206B. Open Top AFVs or AFVs with interiors, Allied Birmingham IPMS
206C. Open Top AFVs or AFVs with interiors, Other IPMS/CoMMiES
210. Armored Cars and Armored Half-tracks IPMS Northern Virginia Modelers
211. Soft-Skinned Military Vehicles R.I. Bong Chapter IPMS USA
1/48 Military Vehicles
212. Tracked IPMS Ft Crook
213. Wheeled IPMS Ft Crook
1/72 Military Vehicles
218A. Fully Tracked, through Korea, Allied IPMS/MidHudsonValley
218B. Fully Tracked, through Korea, Axis  
218C. Fully Tracked, through Korea, Other  
219. Fully Tracked, Post Korea IPMS Gateway
220. Armored Cars and Armored Half-tracks  
221. Soft-Skinned Military Vehicles  
Artillery, all eras, towed (including missiles and all railroad guns)   
223A. All Entries IPMS Sumter
Conversions and Scratchbuilt  
228. All Entries  
Kit Bash Conversions  
229. All Entries  
Multi- or Towed Vehicles  
235. All Entries  
Out-of-the-Box Armored and Military 
290A. 1/35 Closed Top AFVs, through Korea, Axis Heavy Robert Wolf Denver Chapter of IPMS
290B. 1/35 Closed Top AFVs, through Korea, Allied  
290C. 1/35 Closed Top AFVs, through Korea, Other  
291. 1/35 Open Top AFVs or AFVs with interiors  
292. 1/35 Armored Cars and Half-tracks IPMS Rocky Mountain, Denver, CO
293.  1/35 Soft-skinned Military Vehicles  
294. 1/48 AFVs, Open and Closed-Top 2017 Contest Committee
295. 1/48 Armored Cars, Half-Tracks, and Soft-Skinned Vehicles   
296. 1/72 AFVs, Open and Closed-Top  
297. 1/72 Armored Cars, Half-Tracks, and Soft-Skinned Vehicles   
1/32 and 1/35 figures compete as 54mm  
Dismounted and mounted   
300. Dismounted and mounted, 53mm and smaller Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers
305A. Dismounted (pre-1900), 54mm to 70mm In memory of Walter Hampton
306A. Dismounted (Post 1900), 54mm to 70mm IPMS-DC
Mounted or with Mount  
312. All Entries Wings & Wheels
Conversions and Scratchbuilt  
317. All Entries  
322A. All Entries Judy and Peter Palombi
Science Fiction  
324A. All Entries Albuquerque Scale Modelers
327A. All Entries IPMS Northern Virginia Modelers
1/700 refers to 1/401 and smaller
1/350 refers to 1/400 to 1/101
1/72 refers to 1/100 and larger
Aircraft Carriers  
400. 1/700 IPMS Patriot Club
401. 1/350 IPMS Palouse Area
Battleships, Battlecruisers and Cruisers  
402. 1/700  
403A. 1/350 Bathtub Admirals
403B. IPMS Roanoke Valley
Destroyers, Escorts,Corvettes and other Small Ships (except boats)
404. 1/700 Steve Lau
405. 1/350 IPMS-DC
Commercial Ships  
406. All Entries  
Sailing Ships  
407. All entries IPMS Northern Virginia Modelers
Early Steam and Sail (transition vessels, American Civil War, Spanish-American War, Pre-Dreadnoughts, etc.)
408. All entries 2017 Contest Committee
412. 1/700  
413. 1/350, pre-1946 Larry McDermott
414. 1/350, 1946 to present IPMS Binghamton Scale Modelers
415. 1/72 IPMS First Coast of Jacksonville, FL 
Boats, Speedboats, Motor Torpedo Boats, Motor Patrol Boats
418. All Entries  
Conversions and Scratchbuilt  
423. All Entries  
425. Multi-Media/High-tech kits Mark Altizer
426. Single Media/Legacy Kits  
1/32 refers to scales 1/32 and smaller
1/24 refers to scales 1/31 to 1/20
1/16 rfers to scales 1/19 and larger
Factory Stock  
500. 1/32 Northern Virginia IPMS
501. 1/24 1959 and Older Body IPMS Atlanta
502A. 1/24 1960 and Newer Body  
Hot Rods, Street Rod, and Street Machines   
506. Hot Rods and Street Rods IPMS Niagara Frontier 
507. Street Machine IPMS Model Car Creations Model Car Club of South Florida
512. All entries IPMS/Gen. Robert L. Scott
Competition Vehicles  
516A. 1/32  
517A. 1/24 Drag Racing: Modified Street and Purpose Built RPM -Twin Cities
519.1/24  Open Wheel  
520A. 1/24 Closed Wheel  
Large Scale (except motorcycles)   
529. 1/16  
Scratchbuilt and Conversions   
534. All Entries The Bolshevik Brothers
Documented Replicas  
535. All entries  
Commercial Vehicles, 1/32 and 1/24  
539. Light Commercial (a axles)  
540. Heavy commercial (3 or more axles), 1:20 and smaller  
Motorcycles (civilian/racing only)  
545. All entries RPM - Twin Cities
550. All Entries  
Automotive Technology and Culture  
580. All Entries  
590. Factory Stock  
591. Hot Rods, Street Rods, Street Machines, and Custom  
592. Competition  
Real Spacecraft, Missiles, and Vehicles (kits and scratchbuilt) 
600. Real Spacecraft, Missiles, and Vehicles IPMS Boise
601. Hypothetical Designs                  Space in Miniature
Science Fiction and Fantasy Subjects  
605A. Vehicles, from kits     Lincoln Area Modelers
606. Mecha (Gundams, robots, etc., from kits)   
610A. Conversions and scratchbuilt  Northern Virginia IPMS
698. All entries 2017 Contest Committee
710. Small composition (single a/c, no more than 5 figures) 1/144 and 1/72        IPMS San Diego
712. Small composition (single a/c, no more than 5 figures) 1/48 and 1/32           
714. Large composition (2 or more aircraft and/or more than 5 figures)                
720. Small composition (single vehicle; 5 or less figures) 1/48 & larger              Sonoran Desert Model Builders
722. Large composition (2 or more vehicles; 5 or more figures) 1/48 & larger     
724. Dioramas and vignettes (all types and eras) 1/49 and smaller                        
730. Vignettes (5 or fewer figures)  
732. Dioramas (more than 5 figures)  
740. All entries  
750. All entries  
Science Fiction   
760. All entries IPMS/CoMMiES
Miscellaneous Dioramas   
780. All entries  
800. All entries Three Rivers IPMS,Pittsburgh,PA
Humor in Modeling  
810. All entries IPMS Phoenix
Hypothetical (other than sci-fi)  
820. Kit-based (spurious markings on standard kit)  
821. Kit-bashed/scratchbuilt  
Triathlon (models from three different classes)
830. All entries  
Collections (five or more closely-related items)
840. All entries  
IPMS Chapter/Group Entry  
850. All entries IPMS/Race City, Mooresville, NC
Miscellaneous (Any subject not otherwise covered)
860. All Entries 2017 Contest Committee
890. Hypothetical (other than science fiction)  
891. Triathlon (as per category 830)  
892. Miscellaneous (as per category 860)  
George Lee Judges' Grand Award    IPMS/USA
Popular Best of Show     IPMS/USA
Tom Kolk Best Junior Model     IPMS Western Michigan
Best Aircraft                                                IPMS Centennial
Art Gerber Best Military Vehicle               IPMS Plastic Surgeons
Best Figure        Mid-Michigan Model Makers
Best Ship               IPMS Patriot Club
Best Automotive                IPMS/Oklahoma Historical Modelers' Society
Best Space/Science Fiction               IPMS Niagara Frontier 
Best Diorama                      IPMS/Oklahoma Historical Modelers' Society
Best Miscellaneous IPMS Prison City Modelers
Route Pack 6A - Air Force and Helos REDCON 2017 / RFSM Las Vegas
Route Pack 6B - Yankee Station / Navy and USMC Air Military Hobbies
In Country - Army and USMC Ground High Plains Modelers, Denver, CO
40 Years of the Force - Star Wars Hawkeye Modelers IPMS Des Moines
Air Force Golden Age - 40's and 50's IPMS Lakes Region Scale Modelers
Dunkirk - The Movie IPMS Roanoke Valley
Individually Sponsored  
Chairman's Award: America Strikes Back IPMS Fort Crook
Best use of an IPMS National decal IPMS Past Presidents
Best Navy/Marine Attack Aircraft Skyhawk Association
Best Italian Subject IPMS Italy
Tamiya F-14 (within the Large Jet category) IPMS New Jersey/ Big Ed
MICHAEL L FRITZ Memorial Award for excellence in modeling WW I Aircraft (28th consecutive year.) IPMS Spruce Goose
BEOSWL (best example of something we like) IPMS CoMMiES
Best 1/32nd Scale Phantom Michael Rechlicz